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Common Nonsense | November 24, 2009

It has occured to me, recently–or rather, it recently occured to me to discuss the matter–that all of those things that every one always says are so “common sense” are nothing of the sort.  It’s like common sense isn’t common at all.  What IS common, however, is nonsense.  Think about it.  It should be considered “common sense” to not stick a knife in a toaster; but what seems so often to be the case, is that the nonsense of sticking a knife into a toaster to remove some lodged object (usually while the thing is still plugged in, and the lever pushed down) is much more common.  To me, it seems common sense to wear light-colored clothes (maybe a reflective jacket of some sort) if you’re out walking at night, especially if you have dark skin/hair.  I cannot tell you how many times I’ve almost run someone over in my minivan at night, because he or she was out in all black clothing.  Nonsense is common, once again.  Common sense has gone the way of the Model-T Ford. 

I mean, seriously.  What in the world would possess someone to do THIS?

stupid people


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  1. This made me laugh.

    Comment by Timothy Sherrell — December 2, 2009 @ 8:14 pm

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