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Our Thanksgiving Festivities | December 1, 2009

So, I was thinking that it might be nice to share our Thanksgiving fun with everyone.  I grew up as the youngest of 3 girls, and we always had so much fun for Thanksgiving.  We lived in “up-state” New York, about 65-70 miles north of New York City (not even close to really being up-state, but the City folk considered us “up”), and my dad’s best friend from his Army days lived in Connecticut.  He and his wife had a son, and they were all practically family.  We would alternate traveling every year and spend Thanksgiving with them, so it was usually a pretty decent-sized gathering.  My sisters and I would enjoy rubber band wars (we had “guns” and everything) with our “cousin” Mark while the adults would get the food ready.  We’d still be finding rubber bands behind furniture and under rugs for the entire next year! 

Now, I’m all grown up with kids of my own, and far away from the rest of my family.  It’s nice to have friends here who invited us over for Thanksgiving dinner with them.  There were 3 families, total, so there were about 15 people.  It was so great.  I made my grandma Brundage’s baked maccaroni and cheese and my mom’s awesome cranberry sauce (whole berry sauce with mandarin oranges, walnuts, and a hint of cinnamon–it’s to die for!).  That morning, while the mac’n cheese was baking in the oven, it smelled like I was home and made me a little less homesick.  We got to our friend’s house around 1, and visited while we waited for the family with the turkey.  Dinner was incredible.  2 fried turkeys, dressing, deviled egges, gravy, home-made mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, corn, the mac’n cheese, and the best ever sweet potato casserole!.  Then there were the desserts!!!  Pumpkin pie, chocolate pie, apple pie… and this delicious cake with strawberries and kiwi and cream cheese frosting.  I thought I wouldn’t need to eat again for days!  After all the dinner dishes were cleared and we thought we might slip into a food coma, we decided to go around in a circle and tell what we were thankful for–that was, after all, the reason for the day!!  It was so wonderful to give thanks, and to hear everyone else’s.  Then we played a game called killer, and then spoons, and then Egyptian rat screw.  It was such a blast.  Here are some pictures of our fun!


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