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Woman Found Dead in Pile of Clothes | December 1, 2009

A local husband came home from a long night at work to find his wife buried in a pile of clothes at the foot of the stairs of their home.  Twisted ankle and broken neck seem to be the cause of death.  The culprit: a LeapFrog radio left on the stairs.  It seems that the wife was carrying a pile of laundry down the stairs after a long day with the kids.  Said LeapFrog radio was on the stairs, hiding from sight beneath the clothes, and proceeded to trip up the woman, causing her to tumble down the stairs to her laundry-padded death. 

Services will be held this weekend at whatever time you’re unable to make it.

This could very well have been my story, if I didn’t have some uncannily quick reflexes.  Thank God for well-installed railings…


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