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1/29/10–diary of an idiot… | January 30, 2010

Yesterday, 1/29/10, was day 3 after my surgery.  It started out great, since I was finally allowed to drink something a little more substancial than water.  I had an 8 ounce chocolate flavored protein shake for breakfast.  Took me 2 hours to drink it.  I’m not exagerating at all…  for lunch, I had cream of chicken soup, thinned with skim milk.  In about an hour, I’d finished half of it, and couldn’t stomach any more.  Then I had about 4 ounces of chocolate shake, mixed with some peanut butter to give it some flavor and extra protein.  My friend was celebrating her 21st birthday at Olive Garden last night, so my family loaded up the minivan and headed out.  My plan was to just sip on water while we were there, but I looked through the soups to see if there was anything I could have.  I settled for the chicken and gnocci soup, planning to just sip the broth.  Yeah.  I should have had them just bring me the broth, and leave the chicken and gnocci out of it all together!  Those tiny little dumplings were too hard to resist… I broke one up into quarters, and then cut those in half, but it still was too much.  Dumplings are not full liquids!!!  They are flour/bread and swell up in your stomach!  Stupid, stupid, stupid. 

If you’re considering lap-band surgery, stick to the program!!!  Learn from me!  I’m not touching anything but the clear liquids today, in hopes that my body will be able to break down that stupid dumpling (and it was seriously about the size of a nickel, whole, and I cut it into even tinier pieces–SO not worth it!) and then maybe I can go back to the full liquids tomorrow.  No more cheating for me–I’ve so learned my lesson.  I’ve almost polished off a bottle of peach-flavored Fruit2O in the 5 1/2 hours I’ve been awake.  Walked for a little over 30 minutes this afternoon.  Still bloated from the CO2 that they pumped into me from the surgery, and that’s uncomfortable.  But I’ve been limiting the amount of vidodin I let myself take.  Might break down and take one in an hour or so, but it’ll be the first since about 3 am.


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  1. We should sell the Vicodin…. just kidding.

    Comment by Daniel — February 1, 2010 @ 5:02 pm

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